Friday, January 31, 2014

Time To Start Blogging.....Again

Here I am again, contemplating whether to put my efforts in my blog again since I accidentally deleted the whole blog when I was changing my design! I had over 800 followers and lost EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on it!

Even though I lost my blog, I have been getting swamped with giveaway items. So since it has been on my mind lately, I will probably start blogging...again. I used to be so good at it and could whip up a post before you knew it! Now I have to re-familiarize myself with it again. So be on the lookout and hopefully I can gain that many followers again soon!

Again, the content will be on faith, family, food, kids, giveaways, cheap living and just rambling here and there! See you soon!

Until I get my Facebook badge added, you can follow me there at


  1. I just posted my first blog in forever last night lol. Maybe we can keep each other on track ;) mine are and

  2. Yes we can! I will check yours out. Now I have to add all of my widgets again! I cannot believe my old blog got deleted when I changed designs! UGGH!!! Oh well - NEW BEGINNINGS! Good luck and I will be keeping a constant check on you! =)