Sunday, February 2, 2014

Detailed Blog Information and Schedule

Tomorrow will be my kick-off with steady blog posts.  Here is a list of what my blog is going to contain on a daily basis:

Monday - Marriage Monday:  I will be writing about marriages and, in my opinion, talking about things that make a marriage WORK.  Respect, honor, love, sacrifice, forgiveness, etc.  Marriage Monday is going to be one of my favorite days!  =)

Tuesday - Tasty Tuesday:  I will be posting new and old recipes that I have tried and we will be talking all about food!  We have to eat, right? 

Wednesday - Wednesday will be a "whatever goes" day.  It's hard to tell what will be the topic on Wednesday so be on the lookout! 

Thursday - Thankful Thursday:  I will be focusing on thankfulness.  This can touch many aspects.

Friday - Family Friday:  I will be focusing on family and all things related, kids, husbands, wives, etc.  This should be fun too!
Saturday - Saving Saturday:  This will be a mix-up of freebies found, cheap living, coupons and anything related to saving money and cheap living. 

Sunday - Soul Sunday:  I will be talking about our wonderful Creator and talking about faith!

I am very excited to restart this journey!  I will be having various giveaways.  I have three lined up already.  In order to be eligible to enter my giveaways, you will have to FOLLOW ME on THIS blog.  It is very easy - go to the right side of my blog and where you see FOLLOWERS, just click and enter your information.  There will be other options to gain more entries for the giveaways as well like following me on Facebook at and on Twitter as well at  So be sure to follow me on these other sites. 

I hope everyone has a blessed day and today, just look around and be thankful for all of your blessings! 

~ Amy

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